środa, 21 maja 2014

Summer lesson ideas

Summer is coming! It's so hot in Warsaw atm! Here are some ideas connected to summer and holidays you might include into your lesson plans. Please check out my post from 2013 on the same topic: SUMMER.

Make crazy bugs with your students, all you need are small rocks and paints (and paper eyes). You may use them as counters in your board games.


Use hands to make crabs. Add a speech bubble or an empty spot where your students will add a nice summer story.


I recommend http://bogglesworldesl.com/summer_worksheets.htm where you will find plenty of worksheets connected to summer fun. There are some great board games there as well.

Ask your students to play a board game (you may use the bugs mentioned earlier as counters). Their task is to tell a story or a sentence with the word given. 

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  1. Jak zwykle świetne pomysły, na pewno z nich skorzystam! Gratuluję kreatywności :)