poniedziałek, 26 maja 2014

Speaking activity: describing the picture, czyli jak zachęcić uczniów do opisywania obrazka.

My students were not willing to describe pictures I was giving them (they think it is a boring task as we have been practising it a lot recently). This time I mixed this activity with a simple music-drawing warm-up. They loved it.

Prepare a piece of paper for each student and different songs on your phone (of course you may use a recorder but the quality of the sound is not as important as the diversity of music you're going to play, so using the phone is the easiest way). Play samples of the songs, remeber to mix rock with pop, heavy metal, or romantic ballades (the more the better!). While playing each sample your students are to draw what they feel. Before playing another song ask them to exchange the drawings and repeat the activity with different songs. After playing your songs ask each student to imagine that the picture was drawn by a famous artist, their task is to describe them for the rest of the group and express what the author wanted to tell us through this piece of art.

The pictures created by my students, high art! :)

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